Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have a nice day!

As I sped along through my busy day,
 I tripped over an old lady in the way,
I swore at her as I pushed ahead.
She turned, smiled and said,
“That’s alright. You have a nice day.”

I went to the dentist and impatiently waited for my call,
I was thinking of all that I could be doing at the mall.
I pounded the counter and shouted at the clerk. I rolled my eyes
at the child standing nearby.
The clerk smiled, “Madam, it’s your turn.”
I fumed. She must be having a nice day!

I held on to the steering wheel, silently cursing at the red light.
I felt like having a fight. My light turned green.
I jammed on the brakes. I screamed at the elderly man in the crosswalk.
He stopped. He turned and waived.
“Sorry madam, but you have a nice day.”

I got home and rushed inside, not noticing my
child who came to my side. I busied myself with chores and more,
hoping to end tasks before the sun went down.
My child tugged my skirt and peered at me.
“Mom, I hope your day was just like mine.”
I shrugged and asked why.
“Well, he said, “I had a nice day.”

I went to bed, but could not sleep,
My mind it seemed had gone too deep;
I got up and sorted my bills,
Not wanting to take any pills;
I flipped on the tube, but all I saw
Was how I missed my every chance
to make my moments last.

 I knelt down and had to pray
That somehow I would not lose my way;
That tomorrow would be a better day;
Oh yes. I too, would love to say,
“That’s alright. Have a nice day.”

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