Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beautiful Butterfly

You are beautiful, your colors are vibrant. You have so much life.
I saw you flutter, I saw you spread your wings and fly away
But then you crashed in the wall, you fell to the floor,
I reach out to catch you, my fingers couldn't hold you
Oh beautiful butterfly!

You perched on my deck, I slowly come to you,
You flapped your wings, you refused to stay
Beautiful butterfly let  me catch you,
Beautiful butterfly let me hold you.

Beautiful butterfly I know your wings are tired,
I see your wings are bruised,
Beautiful butterfly, its okay to rest on my deck,
Beautiful butterfly won't you let me help you?

Beautiful butterfly you are looking for the garden
Life's garden of rest;
Beautiful butterfly I know the way,
Watch me, follow me
Rest on my shoulders, lean on my arm

Ah beautiful butterfly! So much beauty

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