Monday, May 7, 2012

For the love of Mother

Mother's Day is this weekend. Standing ovations and Emmy Awards should be given to each mother who has played a leading role in the lives of her children. A resounding applause to all those mothers who fathered a child. A shout from the roof tops of every Cathedral and Sky-scrappers to all mothers who ever lived.

The greatest gift that we can give our mothers does not come from the decadent bakeries nor the best hybrid rose nurseries. No, the greatest gift that I would like to receive this Mother's Day and for the days ahead comes from within: the heart.
I want my children to give obedience, respect and love. I want my children to display character, integrity and discipline. I want my children to love God with their very being.

That's what I want this Mother's Day. I hope I'm not asking for too much.


  1. Not asking for too much at all. Congrats.. Im looking foward to reading your posts.

  2. Loie,

    Great work - keep it up