Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Growth

Five months ago I decided to join the movement--transition to natural hair movement. Everywhere I turned, beautifully coiffed hair beckoned to me. I felt envious. I envisioned my head sufficiently greased and neatly groomed in the most exotic natural style. So I gave an extent.

Of course, one of the requirement was to cut off the relaxed portion so the new growth could flourish. In other words, start over. Well, that was a problem. I refused to cut off my shoulder length tresses! Oh no, the old and new must figure out how to co-exist. If the wheat and tares can grow together.....

Then it hit me. How often have we embarked upon a new idea, an opportunity or a new relationship and the only requirement for us to seize the prize is to let go of the old stuff. Do we kick and scream because we don't want to give up the old- the familiar? Are we afraid to disconnect the old relationships?

You see, dealing with the new growth requires deliberate and dedicated effort--a relationship with Christ, a new spouse, a new career, going back to school.
 New growth means  a change to the status quo. Utilization of different principles and perspectives.

New growth takes time. New growth requires courage.

Well, fast forward five months and two days later my new growth is certainly showing, and so is my restlessness to go back. Ooops! did I just say that! Yeah, I don't think this natural movement is for me. Or, is it that I am not ready for it?

New growth, between you and I, I have made an appointment to--eh hem--get a relaxer.
Guess I'll come back when I can make a full commitment to you.

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