Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three feet of water

A fellow Toastmaster friend of mine challenges the members of our speaking network to move away from three feet of water. This was his way of pushing us to the next level in speech presentations. In other words, we should vary our speech topics and our style of presentation.

According to him, standing in three feet of water symbolizes complacency in our comfort zones with little or no challenge. Nothing exciting and new is happening!
His statement made me question myself. Am I standing in three feet of water?

I believe that three feet of water looks like this:
- a student who is satisfied with 'just passing' a class;
-an employee who can only meet expectations;
-a relationship that is just, hmm, okay;
-an athlete who is so-so;
- a person who is not operating in his/her God-given abilities.

The challenge for us today is to recognize and acknowledge that we are standing in ----.
Next, we must decide to reach for deeper depths and higher heights- to be that exceptional student; the employee who exceeds expectations; to have that relationship that is awesome and to be that athlete that is great. To be the person that God called me to be.

So, I have pledged to move away from three feet of water .
How about you?


  1. 3 feet of water....hmm.. Sometimes, but I am looking for new ways to improve myself on so many levels... mentally, physically, spiritually. I believe that life is meant to be lived and lived to the fullest.

  2. This is good stuff. Thanks