Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Think of a product that is easily identified without its label. Any luck? We know most products by the label they carry. Labeling is our way of putting things in categories, it allows us to make choices based on our preferences. Labeling sets expectations.

When we label a child with ADHD, what are our expectations?
When we label a person with OCD, we should not be surprised when they behave within their 'norm'.
Even our clothes speak volumes--some louder than others--by the labels they carry.

It's bad enough when people tag us as one thing when we know we are not.
But I believe the worst tag is the one we put on ourselves--those that do nothing more than put us in mental shackles.

What do people see when they try to read your label? Do they see 'woe is me' or do they see a victim? How about the 'I can't' label? It is never too late to change your tag.

Today let's make a decision to check our own labels. Let's see what we are sharing about ourselves to the world. I want my label to read victorious, overcomer, conqueror and friend of God.

Check your label. If you don't like what you see, that's okay. You can switch your label.
Yes, you have the power.

Change your tag.

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  1. The more labels we have the more money corporate America makes; the more money doctors make! It's what they live for!