Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can you hear me now?

There are days when it seems that all we hear are complaints, woeful stories and sighs of frustrations. During those times if we are not careful we find ourselves being active participants. Oh it's too hot! The work load is too much! The baby cries too much! The dog barks too loudly! Why is the cat licking herself again?

We feel trapped beneath the sea of complaints and waves of misery of those around us. Something inside of us screams for help. There is a hunger for stillness--a desire to be quiet. We want to run from the noise around us. But how do we say to our friends, "hey, can you stop complaining for one minute? Would you stop and listen for a second?"

Have you ever been in that situation? You haven't? Well good for you.
Well I have. It's not easy. The hardest part is that by keeping silent I loudly invite the barrage of daily complaints. But it gets to a point where enough is enough!

I've had enough when my inner being screams for me to run away from the noise.
I've had enough when I cringe when the guilty party walks towards me.
I've heard enough when I have to fight to keep my hands from covering my ears.
Yes, I've had enough when I can't hear that still sweet voice of the Comforter!

My challenge today is to move away from the noise. To move away from those that are designed to bury me in the dumpster of complaints. I want to hear myself think. I want to hear the answers that will help unlock my dreams. That's what I want to hear.

So, can you hear me now?

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