Monday, March 18, 2013

How is your Savor?

For anyone who lives near or in a community shrouded in thick woods or forest it is not uncommon to pounce upon a four-footed animal--the victim of vehicular assault. Most recently, I had the strangest reaction to the sight of a deer that had seen better days. To add insult to its injury, a ferocious and hugh black crow was enjoying an all it could eat buffet. That got me thinking!

How did the crow know where the carcass was? Do they have spy crows who survey the land for such opportunities? Or did the deer's savor-- its distinctive scent--provided enough clues?

Well, that made me wonder about us--humans. What kind of scent do we give off when things or situations seem to be "dead" in our lives?
Do we give off scents of frustrations?
Do we give off scents of hopelessness?
Do we give off scents of failure?

You see, sometimes without thinking or realizing it we do emit the wrong savor.
Before long, we attract negative vibes that tear us apart and reduce us to empty carcasses.

As we weave through life, let us be mindful of the scents we produce.
Let us give off  a savor that attracts and chorales the right angels--people who will help us up.
People who will not divest us of our self-worth, but who will invest in our recovery.

From now on, I will be mindful of my savor....
How about you?

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