Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy's journey to find the Wizard of Oz has captured the hearts of many who have watched the movie or read the book. It was only two years ago that I decided to actually read the book and realized that this was a treasure of useful nuggets.

The essence of the story was that Dorothy found herself in a strange place and she had to get back home. To accomplish this, she had to get to the Wizard of Oz and she must follow the yellow brick road.

Needless to say, her journey--her yellow brick road--was riddled with challenges and distractions. That did not stop her. She kept her mind on her goal: she had to get home.

Today, we all are on a similar journey. We may not be looking for the Wizard, but if we admit it, we are all searching for something or someone: the ideal weight, the perfect partner, the best career, happiness. Our roads may not be yellow, but we are all travelers through this life, on different roads, but a road nonetheless.

Regardless of the color of our roads, we must be resolved to keep going forward. We cannot and should not let the distractions, the potholes, the unfamiliar situations or the obstacles sway us from our goals.

Don't focus on the color of your brick road. Use it as a point of reference and keep moving.

It's ok to rest if you get tired, just don't sit down and get stuck, i.e. complacent. Dorothy knew she could not stay in the Emerald City, her goal was Kansas.

Where are you headed today, are you almost there? Let's keep moving, the goal is within reach. A few more miles and you'll be there.

It is only when we reach our destination that we can truly say that the journey was worth it!

Have a safe journey as you travel on your 'yellow' brick road!

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